Friday 25th August 2017


In what has been one of our biggest and most productive terms ever, everyone within the school has been working feverishly each day to continue the engaging programs for our students that focus on learning and a range of diverse opportunities for our students. Camps, productions, Book Week, Book Fair, storytellers, Athletics Day and excursions are just some of the broad range of experiences to take place. To be able to achieve all of this, we cannot possibly do it without the hard work from every staff member and a deep level of support from our parents and most importantly the effort and attitude of our students....

PDFFriday 25th August 2017

Thursday 10th August 2017


On behalf of our team at Laurimar Primary School, I wanted to thank our parent community for the positive feedback around our new reporting format on Compass. The level of detail into your child’s report, the accessibility and overall presentation of the report have been features that we have had great feedback on. There has also been a level of appreciation in the amount of work invested in student assessment and reporting and that means a lot to our staff. Conversely, feedback around our recent 3 Way Conferences has been refreshing and the ability to meet with a number of your child’s expressive education teachers has been a feature....

PDFThursday 10th August 2017

Friday 28th July 2017


As a teaching and leadership team, we have been pleased overall with the successful commencement and resettling into Semester 2. The key to this successful transition into Term 3 is student goal setting, a clear focus on each lesson’s learning intention and what constitutes success from each lesson. Please discuss your child’s learning goals and achievements each day and what excites them about their learning. Encourage them to remain focussed each day, set high expectations around their own personal achievements and success and always encourage them to do their best....

PDFFriday 28th July 2017

Friday 30th June 2017


In what is always the longest, busiest and most trying term of a school year I want to thank all students, staff and parents for banding together and working though the learning success and many programs that we provide in what at times can become a challenging term. Through a determined and relentless focus for all to succeed, demonstrate a high level of respect for each other, bring exemplary manners, maintain high standards and respect for our grounds, together as a partnership we reach the end of a busy and productive semester. We have provided opportunities for parents to be involved in, to understand, support and participate in the learning journeys, consistent teaching and learning practices within our school...

PDFFriday 30th June 2017


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