Thursday 7th December 2017


It’s hard to believe we have reached the penultimate newsletter for the year. I'm sure we are all in the same boat questioning where the last few months have gone. This is reflective of the busy lives we all lead in trying to reach our goals, give our students/ children every opportunity to succeed and be at their best. I'm sure you will combine in partnership to help ensure our school has the most positive finish to a hugely successful year of learning and enjoyment for all at Laurimar Primary School...

PDFThursday 7th December 2017

Thursday 22nd November 2017


Each and every tour we conduct for prospective parents or teachers in our school has a strong focus on the academic and personal success of each and every child. If you were to walk through any of our 47 classrooms in the morning, you will see consistent literacy teaching and learning taking place with a strong focus on our CAFÉ’ reading program, VOICES Writing, strong spelling lessons and quality speaking and listening opportunities. 15 hours of the 25 hour timetable of learning is dedicated to literacy and numeracy, providing each and every student with the opportunity for success....

PDFThursday 22nd November 2017

Friday 10th November 2017


As we are greeted by this glorious Spring Weather, who can believe that we are approaching the half way mark of Term 4 2017 so much hard work already invested by our students into their learning and our teachers commitment in the classroom. For our year 6 students they enter the final 30 days of their Primary School lives and we wish them all the best of luck as they continue to prepare for the transitional phase into year 7....

PDFFriday 10th November 2017

Friday 27th October 2017


One of the most important events on our school calendar each year is our pivotal Community Safety Day for the entire school. All students engaged in a vast array of pertinent safety messages involving lessons from the CFA, Victorian Police, self defence, responsible pet ownership and cyber safety all promoting strong messages about community safety....

PDFFriday 27th October 2017


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