Welcome to Laurimar Primary School - a great place to learn. It is both an exciting and challenging time as we all continue this educational journey together. The sense of community spirit at Laurimar is extremely important in our formative years and a very strong feature of the school's positive culture in the years to come.

Growth of the school continues to be very rapid. It is the aim of all staff to help the children settle into their school community and build those skills, attitudes and values they will need to fully participate in the rich educational life our school offers.

Laurimar Primary School is committed to the academic and personal growth of every student. A focused curriculum, dedication to innovation and a culture of care, enables us to meet this commitment. Great emphasis is placed on the core foundations for learning - English and Maths, where we help each child reach their maximum potential. 

A balanced and comprehensive curriculum constantly challenges students to extend their learning. Our aim is to challenge students to be the very best that they can be. The skills needed for the 21st century, which support a love of learning that goes beyond the classroom, are actively embraced by our school.

The culture of Laurimar Primary School is founded on the following purpose statement:-
We are achieving our primary purpose of a quality education by:-
• Creating a safe, caring and respectful learning environment which is stimulating and challenging
• Developing each child's unique potential as a resilient and resourceful learner of the 21st Century

Once again, welcome to our school community and enjoy our website.

Jason McBean

Calendar of Events

Tuesday 6th Feb
Year 6 Smart Start Incursion

Monday 12th Feb
Parent information Evening Years 2,3,5

Wednesday 14th Feb
Parent information Evening
Years 1,4,6

Monday 5th March
Shrine of Remembrance excursion

Wednesday 7th March
School Photo Day

Immigration Museum Yr5 
A & B Feb 13th, C & D Feb 14th, E & F Feb 15th

Thursday 15th March
Cultural Day

Monday 19th March
Playground Craze incursion

Thursday 29th March
Pupil Free Day